K9 Training provides the best trained service dogs in the United States.
We train our service dogs for multiple disabilities including:
(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Any and all mental conditions
All physical disabilities
All dogs are off leash trained & certified with one of two tests:
Psychiatric Service Dog Society Public Access Test
Service Dog Public Access Test
Every dog can be trained in multiple tasks dependant on the owners needs.
These include but not limited to:
Stability and balance
Emotional support
Door service
Pill retrieval
Bottle water retrieval
Turn lights on and off
Retrieval of articles
Carrying of supplies

If you have a particular task that you feel you need just call and ask.
If you would like to see if your own dog can be used,
we can assess the animal to see if meets stability requirements to become a
K9 Training service dog. We also offer service dogs for sale.

Our certification process far exceeds federal guidelines
Every animal is certified to go in all public areas and public transportation
and distraction proofed to include small animals and noises

If interested or for more information on how a service dog may benefit you
Please call or write

Thank You
John A Sampson I
K9 Training
989-662-6230 USA
00 + 1 + 989-662-6230 International
Service Dogs
Moose doing certification at Wal Mart
Off Leash
Also check out photos below.
PTSD Service Dog Dakota
Graduated off leash training and earned his vest now working for his ID
congratulations LEO and Dakota
New Service dog...Spike blue pit bull completed 4 weeks obedience training for a
young marine who lost both legs to a land mine in Af
ghanistan they are now working
on off leash for spike's vest then hitting the stores and all public places they are doing
great and very proud of them both ..... Never complains about his condition just gets
the mission done and lives his life to the fullest most courageous young vet I ever
met...allot for us to learn from him and his dog.