K9 Training
Dog Training
You can board your dog at K9 training while on vacation or just leaving town for a few days.
You do not have to be a client or past trainee to use our service.
All dogs are taken out several times a day and are not just left in a kennel or crate till you return.
You can bring their favorite toys or chews and most special instructions can be handled.
Give us a call about when you may need your pet looked after
and we will be happy to explain our other services we can bring to your pet while they are here.
Some are listed below:
Extended walks
(Your pet can receive extended walk times with in town)
Veterinary services
(Your pet can be transported for annual shots, parasite control or preventative medicine)
Grooming services
(We have a local groomer if you so desire for your pet to be bathed and pampered before your return)

Contact us below or give us a call

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K9 Training
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Let us care for your pet while you are away