Training Short Leads
Made to the same exacting standards as our 7' Training leads.
Also available with specialty treatments
16" length used for conformation or close quarter handling or just taking your dog for a walk!
They are durable, life-long leads that become softer as they are used and maintain their strength and durability over
the years.
Each one of these leads are unique & handmade on site by K9 Training.
16" professional short lead hand made with 8" handle.
Solid 1/4" x 5/8" harness leather.
Solid brass snap.
Hand Stitched, Riveted, and Sealed.
Leather head cover
Specify style: Box stitching, X stitching, or sheath covered
Available in:
Raw (Untreated)
Treated (Oiled)
Specialty Treatments Available
Desert (Iraq, Afghanistan, Sahara, Extreme Dry Heat)
Arctic ( Antarctica, Alaska, High altitude, Extreme Cold)
Jungle (South East Asia, South America, Extreme Humidity)
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"Finnish Made"
"With Finnish Pride"
16" short leather lead
16"'  leather lead

Specialty Treatments
Desert, Arctic, Jungle
$ 90.00
Please specify at check
Short leads
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery
Care instructions are included with every lead
K9 Training
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Leather training leads