Basic Obedience
Basic obedience is the foundation for all dog training. Without it you have an animal that is prone to diversions and
lacking in the ability to achieve consistent dependability,  running basically on instinct.  
Basic obedience for dogs is like kindergarten for human animals, It establishes a foundation for the language they
are going to utilize in order to learn. It not only forms a bond with your animal, but if done correctly places you as the
alpha leader of their pack.   Once control has been established, socialization can begin. This must involve real world
experiences not just in a gym or yard.  This insures a well rounded dog,  able to interact with-in public places and
events instead of living their lives out in seclusion within the confines of their home or yard.

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Fly-In Program
Our clients are diverse from all parts of the globe. We have a fly-in program for clients outside of the area. Your
dog is flown to our local Airport that is 10 mins from K9 Training. Depending on the training package you attend for
graduation allowing 2-3 days for basic obedience programs to learn your dogs new found skills and abilities.
Then off for a new life with your K9 companion.

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Obedience Programs
basic obedience can lead to advanced jobs for your dog
Dog basic obedience
basic obedience makes your dog a part of the family
basic obedience includes group sessions
Pets demand your responsibility
basic obedience so your dog is welcome every where
Enjoy all the dog pictures
basic obedience makes your dog or dogs have a special life with you
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Satisfied dog owners
basic obedience has to be conducted every where
Socialization of your dog
Public basic obedience for socialization
A dog you walk and work
basic obedience is not just a sit stay
basic obedience is a school for your dog
Advanced basic obedience
Welcomed family members who are trained in basic obedience
No matter how big your dog is it makes a difference
All gun dogs have basic obedience
Even show dogs can benefit from basic obedience
Your dog deserves basic obedience
Train in all environments and weather
basic obedience for life
Both dogs have basic obedience
Trained dogs are a pleasure to have around
basic obedience teaches manners and good citizenship
Field dogs get basic obedience
A time to play a time to work
basic obedience for all training programs
Public distraction training
basic obedience is a foundation
Bird dog puppy with a strong drive
Pointers learn basic obedience first
Pointers on the hunt
Learning to stay
The down stay
Distractions for your dog
Youg pointer puppy
New pointer finishing the day
Pointer puppy very cute
Maintain control through basic obedience
The down stay for distractions
Line work before the field
Have to learn to heel before we learn our job
basic obedience is a dog come true
Its not all work
Waiting for the next command
Graduated and How do I look?
Stand for examination
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