We have served as an expert witness on cases involved in district courts from prosecutions to defence.

Prosecutions: involving cases of individuals mistreatment of animals, animal mishandling in bite cases to
dog attacks.
: cases involving dog behavior, dog assessment when deemed a dangerous animal and  alleged
, and false bites.

"Our legal opinion whether for prosecution or defence can be as a witness, or written
assessments and briefs
, all
are generated towards protecting

the rights of professionals, individual owners, and justice in dog related cases"

"We will have to asses your situation to see if we can help you and if we fine
we are in agreement we will fight for you 110%"

We travel world wide and are passport ready to bring 30 years of dog training to include K9 military training
experience to your case.
If our expert witness program maybe of help  
Please contact me and we can review your situation and
discuss our retention and services.

Thank You
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K9 Expert Witness Program
Legal opinions for all breeds and behavior
Court cases and dog behavior
Breeds of pitbulls are varied dependant on the viewer
K9 Training
"The Dog Training
K9 Training
"The Dog Training